For individual advice, please contact the central office at the following coordinates:
ICG Barter & Countertrade BV
29, Funke Kupperstraat
The Netherlands
Telephone: 31 20 6470481 Fax: 31 20 643 7414
In frame of its barter, countertrade and other special transactions, the Group is trading a.o. following bulk commodities on a worldwide basis:

minerals & metals
chemicals & plastics
coke & coal
crudeoil & products

pigiron & steel
agricultural goods (cotton, soya, etc.)
dairy products

Any enquiries and/or offers in this respect will be welcomed at our address above or through the e-mail form below!
This also refers to other core activities of the Group, such as financial and financing operations, e.g. forfaiting, confirmation of documentary credits, debt conversion.

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