Triangular/switch transactions
These refer to cases where exporters are not paid in regular currency for their export goods, but with funds payable to third countries within the framework of payment agreements (clearing accounts) between the importer country and such a third country. The group makes it its business to take over these payments, to apply them in own regie for counter transactions and to provide the exporter with freely convertible currency as proceeds of his exports. In other cases, the group provides clearing payments to bridge price differentials on purchases/imports.

Clearing arbitrage
This type of transaction serves to adjust clearing balances by purely financial transactions often made with central banks in the respective clearing countries. The group buys and sells such balances.

Debt swaps and conversion
The group is engaged in the promotion and handling of existing official international old or restructured debts in certain countries. Investors in these countries may be offered substantial benefits in frame of these conversion operations.

Consultation and representation
The Mueller International Group offers consultancy assistance and representation for various types of transactions, such as import/export, financing, barter/countertrade and triangular operations.

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